I came to the Midlands of South Carolina in 1992, when the Air Force transferred me to Shaw Air Force Base. I came to love the area so much, I have stayed here since, even though I have been out of the Air Force for years.
Relocating to a new area is tough and I’m not just talking about the physical move. You’re in a strange new place. At first, you’re literally disoriented. You get lost going to the grocery store. What you need is an ally, someone who will not only fight to get you your best deal on your new home, but will take the time to get you situated.

I have been in the Midlands for over twenty five years. I love life in South Carolina! I take pride in making sure my transfer clients get a great start to life here. That means not only getting you the best possible deal on your new home but having a friend, who gets you oriented to how great life here can be!
I think you’re going to love it here, too!