First Time Homebuyers

I consider it a privilege to educate my first time homebuyers and set them on the right path when you are buying your first home. Getting a good deal, and a good mortgage, on your first home sets you up for a more prosperous life. Setting you up first time buyers for a great home owning experience is one of the most satisfying aspects I find to being a realtor.

If you’ve been thinking about ending the massive waste of money that renting is; this is the best time to make the jump and purchase your dream home! The economy has steadily improved for the past year. Of course, that is great! As the economy improves, interest rates have been going up in tandem. Also, more people are in the market to buy. This puts upward pressure on home prices. Your buying dollar is strong as the market is on an upswing unlike it has been in years.

Don’t sit on the sidelines because you don’t feel that you have enough for a down payment! You have more options than you think and I know what is available to you!