Buying A Home

As your buyer’s agent, it is my goal to set you up for years of contented, happy homeownership. That way, you will remember me when you’re ready to move on! Whether this is your first home purchase or you are relocating to South Carolina, I will walk you through the process of getting you ready to purchase a home.

Some people come across their dream home the first time we go out looking. However, sometimes it takes some time to find the perfect home. I will work with you until you’re home.

I also pride myself in getting you the best deal that you can possibly get. I not only negotiate the price but get you the best deal on all the associated costs with buying your home. There is no fiduciary relationship between me and the professionals that I refer. For example, I don’t “prefer” the mortgage lender because they pay for my marketing. I prefer the mortgage lender that gets you the best rate, with the least amount of hassle possible.
My clients mean as much to me as my reputation!

  • I had a few wrinkles and Eydie was there to help smooth and iron them out. I enjoyed working with Eydie, I believe she had my best interest in heart while providing her best service to me.